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  Name:                 Roger Farbey

Job title:             Head of Library Services

Organisation:  British Dental Association

How long have you been a CHILL member?

I've been a member of CHILL since before it was CHILL, but then known as the “Non-Aligned Libraries Group”. This was from around 1991 when I started at the BDA. Some of the proponents of this group included Margaret Hammond, former Librarian at the Royal College of General Practitioners, Geoffrey Davenport, former Librarian at the Royal College of Physicians, Tony McSeán of the BMA Library and the late David Stewart (the first) of the Royal Society of Medicine Library.
I'm not sure exactly when it was, but David Stewart's successor - ironically sharing the same name (but known as David Stewart the second) and even more ironically taking over the post of Librarian at the RSM from the first David Stewart - was enthusiastically responsible for reviving the somewhat dormant Non-Aligned Group after a period of inactivity and re-branding it as CHILL.

Where has CHILL been particularly helpful to you?

I find CHILL is very useful as a forum for exchanging ideas from like-minded professionals who share at least some of the issues we all have in our working lives.

What do you gain from the meetings/sub-groups?

I am certainly one of the longest serving members of CHILL but strangely have always managed to duck out of any responsible committee posts (other than being "responsible" for a Knowledge Management sub group and also participating in an eBook one). But I excuse myself my inactivities in lieu of my unfaltering dedication to CHILL over the years!

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