CHILL officers


Kate Sanders 1998-2001
Ursula Barrett 2001-2003
Lynette Cawthra 2003-2006
Lucy Reid 2006-2012
Tom Bishop 2012 - Present


Frank Norman 2005-2007
Tom Bishop 2007-2012
Helena Korjonen 2012 - Present


Lynette Cawthra 1998 - 2003
Frank Norman 2003 -2005
Andrea Peace 2006 -2009
Sally Blake 2009-2012
Deena Maggs 2013 - Present


Tina Craig 1998 -2004
Roy Allcorn 2004 -2009
Julie Beckwith 2010 - Present

About us

The Consortium of Independent Health Information Libraries (CHILL) is an association of libraries in the Greater London area specialising in information on health and medicine.

Our goal

The goal of CHILL is to provide independent health libraries with opportunities to improve their services through mutual communications and co-operation.

Aim and Objectives

The aim of CHILL is to co-operate in enhancing members' library and information services and in doing this to help with the personal development of staff. 

Our main objective is to improve the availability of and access to information resources for the benefit of members and their users. 

Our other objectives are:

  1. To act as a forum for the exchange of views and information and to provide mutual support.
  2. To take part in projects of mutual benefits.
  3. To share resources.
  4. To represent the interests of the Consortium by liaising with other interested and/or useful parties.
  5. To provide a joint response to, and influence, national information or health initiatives.

Our History

CHILL was founded in 1997 and currently consists of 43 members.  We held our first meeting at The Library Association (now CILIP) on 10 February 1998.

An Independent London Libraries Group had existed in the 1980s but had not met for some time and it had been noted that health libraries which were not part of the NHS or university were often isolated and unaware of what was happening in the sector.  A consultation was held to consider relaunching the group of independent libraries.  The result of the consultation was considerable interest and enthusiasm for a relaunch based around the principles of

  • sharing experiences and providing mutual support
  • taking part in projects of mutual benefit
  • sharing resources
  • liaising with other groups
  • responding to national initiative

At its second meeting, members agreed that the group would be called The Consortium of Independent Health Information Libraries in London (CHILL); a constitution was agreed and officers elected.

Since 1998, CHILL has gone from strength to strength. It continues to update and support members, offers professional development opportunities and discounts on seriels purchasing and has representatives on other bodies.

CHILL constitution

The Consortium of Independent Health Information Libraries in London constitution defines the goals, aims and objectives by which it is governed. 

CHILL constitution

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